Stainforth Force

Location: Main car park, BD24 9QD

Distance: 1.5km (there and back)

If you only ever go once to Stainforth make sure it is in the Autumn so you can see the jumping salmon! It may sound like a strange thing but believe me it is the most exciting thing when you are there! Nature really is bloody fantastic at times!

Parking in the YDNPA car park just off the main road the walk is a very short one down to the waterfall. From out the back of the car park turn right and go under the bridge following it through the picnic area then turning right after going over the railway and following the path to the narrow road. Turning left down this road it will lead you down to the cutest bridge, Packhorse Bridge and the falls are on your left. You climb the stile and head downstream a bit to get to a large rocky area where you can sit and enjoy your snacks whilst waiting for the salmon to make their momentous journey upstream.

The day we visited it was like a day out at the races, we were waiting in anticipation and jumping for joy when we saw one attempt the great leap! The falls themselves aren’t too bad to view!!

There are toilets in the car park by the way.

This walk can be combined with Catrigg Force waterfall walk too which starts from the same car park.

Red line route
Packhorse Bridge
Salmon jumping
Stainforth Force

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