Holidays are what we live for, what we work hard for and what gives us a little bit more adventure! As a couple we love to travel and see the world. Since Little Man has come along we have had to change our travelling approach and now try to do a big (ish) trip and a few weekends away. These weekends away are usually for special occasions or as presents to each other. We have enough material possessions so we like to make memories. 2020 has been a little different of course but we have still managed to squeeze in a few small trips.

2021 is, at the minute, a year of uncertainty when it comes to holidays but that doesn’t stop me planning a few weekends away in the UK. Even if we can’t go we can rearrange to go another time so the planning won’t be wasted. Sometimes that’s as exciting anyway!! I love to research areas, accommodation, things to do, events to go to and put an itinerary together for every trip. I want to get the most out of the area we stay in as we usually don’t go back somewhere twice.

So if you want weekend away inspiration, reviews of places to stay and a jam packed itinerary then look no further!