Scavenger hunts – tried and tested for you!

As part of Skipton Wellness Week I am hosting a Wellness Walk on Saturday June 12th. This walk will be a Wellness Scavenger Hunt that you can download and do on the day, or any day during Skipton Wellness Week!

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If you cannot attend or need more inspiration then this blog post contains our best scavenger hunts. Scavenger hunts are a great way to make walks more exciting as it gives the walk a purpose. This can be particular good for those repetitive short local walks or for those longer walks where you need to keep their little legs moving!

All these scavenger hunts are tried and tested with our little man!

Colour hunt – this can be done in a variety of ways; finding something of every colour, just finding one colour or finding colours of the rainbow.

colour scavenger hunts
Colour hunt

Bug hunt – Make sure you have the right gear – a magnifying glass is a must!

bug hunting
Bug sorting and identifying

Finding nature treasures – you can then either make something with them or just leave to find dried up days later in your pocket! It’s always worth carrying a small bucket or bag for impromptu collections!

shape and nature treasure scavenger hunt
Treasure sorting
collecting nature treasures
Collecting more nature treasures

Potion making – collect petals and leaves and just add to coloured water.

potion making
Making potions

Go on a snail hunt – This is Little Man’s favourite – there are always loads of shells around and we usually wash them when we get home.

snail scavenger hunts
Snail sorting

All these activities spark curiosity, are great for exploring different textures and also working on their vocabulary.

blossom collecting
Blossom collecting

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